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New York
May Meditation

Sarah Wood

TEDx Speaker

Whether it's a short break in the middle of the day or a few moments of refocusing after work, meditation is a fantastic way to ground yourself and let go of any negativity that you're holding onto. Join Declare's resident Joy Soldier™, Sarah Wood, for a meditation boost that will either help you get through the rest of your day or get recentered for the evening ahead.

May 26

New York
Coaching High Performance

Jennifer King, Dr. Leah Lagos & Marsha Prospere

Offensive Assistant, The Washington Redskins

Leading a professional team is very much like coaching a sports team - it takes tactical expertise, spot-on strategy, and the ability to communicate ideas and instructions. Our expert panel features professional football coach Jennifer King (Offensive Assistant, Washington Redskins), executive leadership coach Marsha Prospere (Founder, Adept Flow), and biofeedback specialist, Dr. Leah Lagos (Clinical Psychologist), who will take you through the steps to not only coach your team to achieve high performance, but how to coach yourself as well.

May 12

New York
Wellness Through Nourishment

Chef Nicolas Reisini

Honest Plate

If you're like us, you're probably exercising less and working more, which leads to a lot of confusion about when and what to eat. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow along at home with guidance from professional chef Nick Reisini (Honest Plate) in our very first cooking class! We'll focus on making nutritious meals that will boost our mood, energy, and that are quick and easy to prep for the whole week.

May 5

New York
Making Nutrition Work for You

Stephanie Middleberg

Middleberg Nutrition, Founder/Owner

Now, more than ever, the link between our personal and professional wellbeing is clear; it's impossible to have one without the other. Our talk this week looks at the role nutrition plays in how you feel and your ability to juggle ever-changing responsibilities and challenges. Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg (Middleberg Nutrition) will share how to make healthy choices that work for your lifestyle and preferences, no matter what comes your way. As Stephanie says, "Good nutrition is a conversation, not a lecture."

April 28

New York
Self-Compassion Workshop

Sarah Wood

TEDx Speaker

Almost all of us are harder on ourselves than we are on others. While sometimes that can push us to do our best work, other times it can be an unintended roadblock to progress. Recognizing our inherent strengths is a tool we can use to advance our personal and professional growth. With the guidance of joy soldier Sarah Wood, uncover strengths that you weren't aware of in an interactive workshop. Learn how to practice self-compassion and flex your resiliency muscle when faced with unexpected challenges.

April 21

New York
Ask a Doctor

Dr. Sophie Jones

Principal, Centerview Partners

In this special webinar session, you'll have the opportunity to hear the latest COVID-19 updates from Dr. Sophie Jones (Principal, Centerview Partners), a medical doctor and longtime member of the Declare community. She'll share in realistic terms how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Listen to Sophie's take on containment, hear some best practices on hygiene and social distancing (and what it all means!), and come ready with questions you've been eager to ask since the virus began to spread.

April 16

New York
Courageous Leadership: Be Bold

Angela Lee

CIO, Columbia Business School

Being bold and decisive is not easy. Courage and conviction is essential for success, yet it is not always communicated well. To lead at any level, you must make tough decisions with confidence. As a mentor to countless parties on both sides of the table, expert Angela Lee (37 Angels, Columbia University) has passed along many lessons on how to be bold. Get comfortable saying yes to risky opportunities and take the leap of bold communication to lead courageously.

March 31

New York
Mindfulness Booster

Miriam Bekkouche

Founder & CEO, Brainspa

Results from a Harvard Business Review study prove that embracing mindfulness as a leader can improve the entire company's wellbeing. As Inc. puts it, "mindfulness is proven to help leaders manage their stress, which reduces employee stress, creates a better workplace, and improves the bottom line." Follow mindfulness expert Miriam Bekkouche (The Brain Spa) for a 15-minute guided meditation that will relax and center you, followed by 15 minutes dedicated to sharing the self-care tips and tricks you rely on during times of crisis.

March 24

New York
Courageous Perspectives

Katy Ganguli & Susanne Greenfield

VP, Talent COE, Insight Partners

While exploring courageous leadership, we've learned that courage not only comes from within - it's forged through communication and building trust with your team and those around you. The relationships you build can help you glean new perspectives and lead more boldly. In our final talk of the season, join Katy Ganguli (Vice President - Insight Partners) and Susanne Greenfield (Vice President, Global Strategy - Booking Holdings), who will share how they translate their diverse experiences into leadership tools.

March 10

New York
When Courage Conquers Fear SF

Jennifer Grancio & Danette Leighton

Owner/Founder, Grancio Capital 

Leading boldly and without fear are qualities of a courageous leader, but what does that look like in practice? How do you lead by example when your values are tested? Hear from Declare members Danette Leighton (CMO, Pac-12 Conference) and Jennifer Grancio (Owner/Founder, Grancio Capital), who embody courageous leadership in their high-impact roles. They’ll share their leadership philosophies, what it means to lead as an ally, and how to overcome inevitable barriers while avoiding burnout.

February 25